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Male Waxing FAQ

  • I'm curious about waxing but just who really waxes?

There is no one type that receives waxing services.  Clients from all walks of life, countless professions and from 18 years old and up are waxing. If you are curious at all, I encourage you to call me and ask questions. The better informed you are, the easier it will be to make the decision about waxing.  I will answer any questions you may have, strive to reduce your fear and I am confident you will be comfortable with me from our first conversation.  Keep reading these FAQs. I give you a lot of information and share my professional expertise as well as what I hear from others that wax.


  • Yeah but I'm curious about Male Brazilian Waxing, who really does THAT?


My response from above holds true. All walks of life, all professions and all ages! If you want to feel well groomed, fresh and clean, reduce irritation and chafing from exercise and even look and feel sexier for your mate, you want a Male Brazilian Wax. Keep reading, I answer a lot of questions about Male Brazilian waxing here and encourage you to call me if others come up for you. 


  • If I shave, how long do I have to wait for my first wax?


If you shave, I ask that you wait a minimum of 10 days to two weeks before you wax.

How long will the results last?


After your first wax, the results can last 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the individual’s hair re-growth. With regular waxing, the length of time required between treatments will increase significantly.


If you typically shave, a few treatments may be required to see the full beneficial effects of waxing.



  • What can I do between waxing services for maintenance?


I ask that you do nothing between waxing appointments, especially shave.  If there are stray hairs that you wish to remove, tweezing is your best option but I suggest you schedule your next appointment.  Waxing can be safely performed every two to three weeks.  Over time, this will not be necessary as your hair becomes finer and more sparse but will give you the best results in the beginning.



  • Will the hair grow back thicker in waxed areas?


No, usually, re-growth will be finer, thinner and slower in areas that are waxed on a regular basis.


  • How long does waxing take?


Depending on the body part and the density of the hair growth, most waxing appointments will take between 15 to 90 minutes. First appointments typically take a little longer as there may be more tweezing to achieve the cleanest results. For a Brazilian please allow 90 minutes for your first visit. Thorough results are my goal, not speed.  Your satisfaction is important to me.



  • Does it hurt?


Quite simply, yes, it hurts.  Pain tolerance is very individual but quality wax and professional technique will make the difference.  The pain will quickly subside and lessen with each visit as the hair thins and less hair is required to be removed from the area.


Caffeine can cause increased sensitivity. Taking a mild painkiller such as ibuprofen 30 minutes prior to your visit has been known to reduce pain but only if your doctor has not advised against it.




  • What exactly is a Brazilian?

A Male Brazilian wax is removal of pubic hair.  This includes the area across your body over your penis, your shaft, scrotum, perineum and between your buttocks.  We can discuss your options if you prefer to leave some hair.  Some men choose to leave a bit on the body over their shaft.  This may include a "happy trail" or an inverted triangle.  At the time of your appointment, we can discuss options that will achieve the look you prefer.  


  • What can I expect during a Brazilian wax?

For your first Mens Brazilian wax I will walk you through what I am doing each step of the way to ensure you are as comfortable as possible with what is happening.  Essentially though, I will cleanse the skin with a mild astringent, put a small amount of oil on the skin and go about removing the hair.  Hair removal will be done with a combination of hard and soft waxes to achieve the best results while minimizing discomfort.  It may help to know that most men tell me it is not as painful as they anticipated it would be, they are very pleased with the results and continue with regular maintenance. Again, pain tolerance is very individual but most tolerate it well and tell me that contrary to expectations, the area that is most painful is across the front of the body. 


  • What if I get an erection during male Brazilian waxing?

This is a common body response and we will be respectful of each other.  Please remember, I do this almost every day.  This should not be a concern or a source of anxiety for you.


  • Is waxing for me?

Male Waxing is appropriate for almost everyone. However, some physicians do not recommend it for people suffering from diabetes or who have varicose veins or poor circulation as they are more susceptible to infection.  Waxing should not be performed over moles or wounds and waxing should NEVER be performed on a client who is using Retin-A, Accutane, Renova, Differin or any other acne medication that thins the skin. It is the responsibility of the client to discuss any concerns, conditions or medications that may be contra-indicated for waxing with their physician prior to getting waxed. Also, please advise me if you are allergic to any foods – because if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put the extracts on your skin. Please be completely honest about all allergies and medications you are taking – it is for your protection.

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