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What is waxing?

It's the removal of unwanted facial and body hair by the root. Warm wax, the consistency of

honey, is applied over the hair to be removed. A cotton strip is pressed over the wax, and then

the strip, wax and hair are removed together in a quick pull.

Does it hurt?

It's most uncomfortable at first since it's a new sensation. Any discomfort dissipates quickly and

decreases with regular treatments, as less hair is removed each time. Caffeine, menstruation and

pregnancy increase skin sensitivity.

How long does it last?

Hair typically grows back several weeks after your treatment. For best results waxing should be

repeated every 4-8 weeks, although once a year before your warm-weather vacation is fine, too!

How long does my hair need to be?

1/4''-1/2'' long. If too short, hair won't come out. If too long, hair will break and the service will be

less comfortable. I suggest  shaving three weeks before your appointment

Will my hair grow back thicker?

No, but after removing hair lightened by the sun darker re-growth may appear thicker. Often hair

grows in sparser after regular treatments and since waxing removes hair by the root, a soft new

hair with a fine tip grows in, eliminating razor stubble.

Is waxing okay for everybody?

It's fine for most everyone, but isn't appropriate for those on certain medications such as

Retinoids and Accutane, or for people with diabetes or particular skin conditions.

What about ingrown hairs?

Some people experience some, since as a new hair grows in it may become trapped under the

surface of the skin causing slight irritation. Exfoliating regularly helps. 

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